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In 2004, D’Andrea Law Corporation was established by Robert K. D’Andrea, a 10.0 Avvo rated lawyer with over 20 years of experience. He developed a system and then led a team of accomplished immigration and U.S. citizenship lawyers in Los Angeles and Orange County area to offer clients expert services to employers, employees, investors, families, and other immigrant and nonimmigrant foreign nationals. 

Political changes and world events over the past two decades have exposed the different faces of the American people. In general, our patriotism has become more visible, but this wave of nationalism has also diluted some of the founding principles our country stands for. Like the pilgrimage of past generations, immigrants today provide an endless stream of talent, ingenuity, and creative abilities that ultimately deepen the fabric of our society and represent the continuation of our tradition as a nation of immigrants.

Regrettably, efforts to “protect” and “defend” have made it increasingly difficult for foreign nationals to enter and remain in the United States. Our purpose as U.S. citizenship lawyers in Pasadena is to alleviate the burden and pressure of this process for all of our clients. Every day, our civil law and U.S. citizenship attorneys in Pasadena work hard to help clients around the world become a part of America.