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New Era of H-1B Processing

We are entering a brand new era for H-1B Visa processing. The H-1B Visa gives US companies the opportunity to hire immigrant workers temporarily for specialized and skilled occupations. The new process will save money and time for Petitioners, Applicants, and USCIS. Instead of H-1B Visa petitions being chosen after applying, the lottery selections will be made before full applications are submitted. The FY 2021 H-1B regular cap application cycle will be the first with this new rule fully in effect. As of April 2019, USCIS will now require each H-1B applicant to register electronically. For every registration, there is a $10 fee. Employers will be required to pay $10 for each potential employee being registered. This electronic registration enters applicants into the H-1B Visa lottery. Below is the timeline for the registration process: 

Registration opens: March 1, 2020

Registration closes: March 20, 2020 

Selected registrants are notified by: March 31, 2020 

When a prospective H-1B applicant registers, they are not required to submit a full petition. If the H-1B applicant is selected, then they can proceed to submit the full H-1B Visa application to USCIS. According to USCIS Deputy Director Mark Koumans, “By streamlining the H-1B cap selection process with a new electronic registration system, USCIS is creating cost savings and efficiencies for petitioners and the agency, as only those selected will now be required to submit a full petition.” 

Obtaining an H-1B visa is a complex and time consuming process. Petitioners and applicants who want to know whether they are qualified for this type of visa should consult an experienced and knowledgeable U.S. immigration attorney. U.S. Immigration Attorneys at D’Andrea Law Corporation practice exclusively in the area of immigration and naturalization law. Offices are located in Glendora and Pasadena. Contact the firm for a consultation.

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