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Some EADs May Be Valid for Up to Five (5) Years

Recently, USCIS increased the maximum validity period to 5 years for Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) issued to noncitizens with certain Category codes on their EADs. Previously, USCIS provided 2-year and 1-year validity periods for certain EADs.

Increasing the maximum EAD validity period to 5 years is intended to significantly reduce associated processing times and backlogs. Please note employment authorization remains dependent on Applicants' underlying status, circumstances, and EAD filing category. For example, if an individual received an EAD under the (c)(9) category based on a pending adjustment of status application for the maximum validity period of 5 years, and the adjustment application is then denied, their ancillary employment authorization may be terminated before the expiration date listed on their EAD.

To verify whether your EAD category receives the five-year extension, please go to:

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